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If you are looking for more exposure and sharing out of your social media feeds, a fast and fresh way to populate your website, and looking to put all of your social media work in one place for your visitors TwineSocial is a very cool way to do it.

Brands like Katie Couric, Luke Bryan and Sweet Baby Rays are using it to showcase their social media exposure on their sites – you can check out more demos here, and see how it works in real-time:

I like it because they offer a free account to try it out, which is a must-have feature for me before I buy anything.

The wordpress plugin makes it super easy to add your social media content (including #hashtags, @accounts, videos, photos, and tweets) from any social media network to your WordPress Blog.

The plugin repository ranks it 4.3 out of 5 stars, although not as many installations as I would have expected at only 3,000 (as of November 2015).  This is a plugin I will be watching for future development and use!